100% Natural Ylang Ylang Pure Essential Oil 10ml Moisturizing Anti Aging Maintain Breast Perfume DIY Ageless Beauty


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At the beginning of the twentieth century, the chemists Garnier and Garnier made some studies in Reunion Island, and found that Ylang had a good effect on disease, rash, typhoid and other fever. Blue essential oil as an enteral infection, diarrhea and flatulence of the antibacterial agent, pointed out that Ylang has the role of regulating the heart and sedative effect, the European Road Ya Ylang is classified as lung and urinary system of antibacterial agents, but also aphrodisiac, Suitable for patients with cold sensation.
Ylang essential oil effect:
Nervous system: is a pleasant oil in the kind, is the fragrance of lasting oil, after bathing has a gorgeous effect, the nervous people can produce pleasure, calm and lower blood pressure effect, so the anxiety, Tension and high blood pressure relief effect is very good, is also known to eliminate human frustration and anger sense of essential oils, but also a very good sexual desire to stimulate the woman's cold sensation caused by sexual incompetence also has a certain effect, Known as the "uterus of the tonic." Can balance hormones, regulate heart function, adjuvant treatment of gastritis, soothing mosquito bites discomfort, lowering blood pressure, anti-infection.
Cardiovascular: There is a clear antihypertensive effect, can reduce the heart load, with sedative effect, so that the abnormal fast heartbeat, ease breathing and rapid heartbeat.
Skin: a good anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, because of its fragrance, so widely used in facial massage and maintenance, and can significantly inhibit the secretion of sebaceous glands, so widely used in oily skin therapy.
Taboo: can not use excessive, too strong but can cause headaches or nausea.
Other effects: kidney, impotence. Also can improve postpartum depression.

Brand: Plant Gift
Origin: India

100% Organic Extra Virgin Ylang-ylang Essential oil

Have a sedative effect on emotions and body
Therapeutic cold and impotence symptoms
Correction of sebum secretion disorders
Stimulate hair to grow


100% Ylang-ylang  Essential oil

Shelf Life:

3 years (Made in China, the production date will be clearly marked on the label.)

Suggest used:

For Skin Care, Hair & Body Nourishing


Sealed pack


1 Pc



How to use:
It can be use as fresh cleanser, makeup remover, body massage oil, hair care oil.
Skin type: All Skin Type

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